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Applications are now open!
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BuzzIn can be enjoyed by all, but you need to be an adult to play.

You don’t need to be an adult to watch our live programming on Twitch, or most of our videos on YouTube, but you must be 18 years or older to create a free BuzzIn ID, apply to become a contestant, and to join our Discord.

What can I do on BuzzIn?

What can I do on BuzzIn?

  • Guests

    without a BuzzIn ID

  • Watch BuzzIn

    You can watch BuzzIn for free, without an account, on Twitch and YouTube.

  • Join the Audience

    Join the live studio or Discord audience, vote in polls, and cheer the contestant on. Some shows require a BuzzIn ID to join the live studio.

  • Superstar

    If you have been on a nationally-televised game show or reality show, send us proof on Discord and we'll award you the Superstar rank, which grants you all of VIP's benefits!

  • Players 18+

    with a free BuzzIn ID

  • Watch BuzzIn

    You can watch BuzzIn for free, without an account, on Twitch and YouTube.

  • Play Games

    Your winnings, including any unlocked rewards and bonuses, won in BuzzIn games are saved and added to your BuzzIn ID.

  • BuzzIn Store

    Use your winnings to purchase prizes and other goodies.

  • Game Shelf

    Win the top prize in any live BuzzIn game to redeem one of five free Steam games. Limits apply.

  • Leaderboards

    Compete in a variety of leaderboards ranging from specific games to community challenges to BuzzIn at large.

  • Giveaways

    Enter for chances to win BZN$ or BuzzIn Store goodies in giveaways on Discord.

  • VIP

    players with VIP rank or higher

  • Everything that Guests and Players can do, plus...

  • Sneak Peeks

    Get an early look at exciting new BuzzIn games, and try them out during VIP-exclusive beta tests!

  • Bonus BZN$

    VIPs receive bonus BZN$ every month! It's that simple.

Players are selected both automatically and manually for VIP based on a variety of factors, like activity at games and events, overall tenure, your personal history or reputation, and so on.

2021-2022 BuzzIn Lineup

Our 2021-2022 season begins this fall, so we’re still adding shows to our lineup. Look forward to these games arriving on BuzzIn soon, and check back often to see what comes next!

Deal or No Deal

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


Pummel Party

Teasers & Trailers

2021 Series Idents

BuzzIn returns this fall.

We can't wait to show you more.

Stay tuned.


Sign In

With a free BuzzIn ID, you can play BuzzIn games, win prizes, and place on our leaderboards. If you’re 18 years or older, sign up for free today.

Not an adult yet? Come back when you are to sign up for a free BuzzIn ID then.

More Ways to Sign In

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Recent Transactions

You have questions. We have some answers.

Our relaunch will represent the biggest changes we’ve ever made to BuzzIn, so read on for some answers to questions you may have. We’ll continue to update this over the next few months as we approach the relaunch.

What's the difference between old and new BuzzIn?

The BuzzIn relaunch is a new beginning in every way. Players will begin at BZN$0 and will need to work their way to the top once again. They'll find it will be trickier this time, as the economy has been balanced, and BZN$ is more difficult to obtain.

Players can only acquire BZN$ through gameplay, giveaways, and select other means. When you sign into the website, attend events, and join our community, you also earn Gems.

What are Gems?

As part of balancing the economy, you can't earn BuzzIn Dollars (BZN$) from doing tasks on the BuzzIn website anymore. Instead, you earn Gems. You can periodically exchange your Gems into BZN$ to use in the BuzzIn Store and transfer Gems between players. We'll be adding more ways to use Gems in the future.

You'll earn BuzzIn Dollars (BZN$) for playing games and participating in select events and giveaways.

You'll earn Gems for being active in the community, using the BuzzIn website, and when you receive Gems from other players.

We'll continue to balance the economy to make it more fair to all of our players.

What else is new?

Beginning this year, BuzzIn itself is one big season, which means it will come to an end. Once BuzzIn launches, games and shows will run through the first few months of 2022, and around May, BuzzIn's first season (2021-2022) will come to a close, and we'll go dormant again for a few months.

During this off period, we'll improve our games and get ready to launch brand new ones, so it won't be like previous breaks. You'll still hear from us, but just not as often. We'll still be taking a summer break, and you should too!

Later in 2022, BuzzIn will start its second season (2022-2023), and this cycle will repeat each year for each new season. This lets our team take the break they deserve and allows us to focus several months at a time on developing new games and improving old ones for you.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes. Everyone with a BuzzIn ID must now be 18 years or older. You must also be 18 or older to join our Discord, be an in-studio audience member, or play BuzzIn games. If you are not 18 yet, we invite you to watch our live events on Twitch, and subscribe to us on YouTube, and when you turn 18, come join our community.

Is anything carried over from the old BuzzIn?

No. This is a fresh start. Contrary to previous statements, you will not be able to claim your old BZN$ balance, or any rewards you previously unlocked. However, there are plenty of brand new rewards for you to acquire!

Is there a new Discord server?

Yes. We will open it soon.

Can I apply to be a contestant?
Player ID*
Hover over a player's avatar on their profile to view their Player ID.

Right-click and save to share your Player Card. You can generate a new Player Card every eight days.

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