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To the BuzzIn community,

We can all agree that 2020 was a remarkably rough year for everyone, and that has been evident with the amount of change and struggle we have gone through at BuzzIn, both internally and in our Discord. We recognize that BuzzIn has changed over the last several months, and not necessarily for the better, so the Directors and I have unanimously agreed to make the difficult decision to shut down BuzzIn for about six months, so that we can rebuilt it from the ground up. This means our current shows will cease production.

This is not the end for BuzzIn. Think of it as the start of a new beginning. Chapter one has closed, now let’s see what’s in store for chapter two. We hope you’ll all stick around with us through the break. We’ll still be around, but we won’t be running any events during this time.

Stick around, and stay tuned for the future of BuzzIn. We’ll be back, after these messages…


Mark Webb
BuzzIn Studios