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You can apply for as many jobs as you want, but we treat each application seriously, so we ask that you only apply for a position if you are serious about it. You may need to provide samples of work depending on the job. We can’t reply to everyone who applies, but those we are considering will receive a response.

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You have questions. We have some answers.

Our relaunch will represent the biggest changes we’ve ever made to BuzzIn, so read on for some answers to questions you may have. We’ll continue to update this over the next few months as we approach the relaunch.

What's different?

The BuzzIn relaunch is a brand new beginning in every way. Players will begin at BZN$0 and will need to work their way to the top once again, but they'll find it will be trickier this time, as the economy has been balanced, and BZN$ is more difficult to obtain.

Players can only acquire BZN$ through gameplay, giveaways, and select other means. When you sign in to the website, attend events, and join our community, you also earn Gems.

What are Gems?

As part of balancing the economy, you can't earn BuzzIn Dollars (BZN$) from doing tasks on the BuzzIn website anymore. Instead, you earn Gems. You can periodically exchange your Gems into BZN$ to use in the BuzzIn Store and transfer Gems between players. We'll be adding more ways to use Gems in the future.

You'll earn BuzzIn Dollars (BZN$) for playing games and participating in select events and giveaways.

You'll earn Gems for being active in the community, using the BuzzIn website, and when you receive Gems from other players.

We'll continue to balance the economy to make it more fair to all of our players.

Are there any changes to eligibility?

Yes. All players must now be 18 years or older to join our Discord, create a BuzzIn ID, or play BuzzIn games. If you are not 18 yet, we invite you to watch our live events on Twitch, and subscribe to us on YouTube, and when you turn 18, come join our community.

You must also have a BuzzIn ID to play.

Is anything carried over from the old BuzzIn?

No. This is a fresh start. Contrary to previous statements, you will not be able to claim your old BZN$ balance, or any rewards you previously unlocked. However, there are plenty of brand new rewards for you to acquire!

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